My Play Schedule

Good evening everyone!!

Sorry for long blank.

At present, my play schedule for October & November is as follows:

Volley coaching (Dokkoi Soft)
Yakata (Bishop Royal)

Slavenil (Star Gazer)
My love is excited watching me make love with other girl (Material)

All of them I believe make good helper for masturbation.
However I don't care whether they are popular or not.
I believe the reaction of my penis only.

That is my way of choosing hentai games.
I hope you also listen to your penis and find the best game for you!!

Good night & See you!!

テーマ : 18禁エロゲー
ジャンル : アダルト

Bradyon Veda [Prerelease Information]

Good evening everyone!!

It has been very long since my last post... I'm very sorry for it.

Today, I would like to introduce my most expected game of this year.
It is "Bradyon Veda" from Akatsuki Works.

This game is filled with manly atmosphere rarely felt now in adult games.

Now, only outline and several event CG are available at its official site.
I would like to provide up-to-date information of this game here when it becomes available.

See you & Good night!!

Makoto Kawahara

Good evening!! How are you?

I run into Makoto Kawahara this week.

I had almost instant erection when I saw a banner of "Taiyo no Puromia" at Erogame Space.
Then, after playing introductory part of the game, my heart is grasped by his drawings.

I liked his drawings when I played Aerial last year, but poor scenario prevented me from fully appreciating his erotic, lovely & cute drawings.

Now I decided to play games with his drawings as far as possible.
I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyway, I can recommend Makoto Kawahara as one of the best artists.

Thank you for reading!!
Good night & see you!!

Game for May-July

Good afternoon!! How are you!

Today, I'd like to mention the games I'd like to play from May to July.

Brava!! (Sweetlight)
This is not the kind of games I usually play, but it is very interesting.
I'd like to play this game in order of Hinata, Nanami, Minamo, Aoi and Shizuku.

Itazura (Interheart)
HitominoRakuin (Witch Flame)

Seishojo (Frill)

I'd like to post articles when fresh information for these become available.

Have a nice afternoon!! See you!!

List of the Hentai games in which I'm now interested

Good evening!! How are you?

After total disappointment on Tokkai 3, I reviewed my interests of Hentai games.
Several things which I have learned are the followings:
1. I like so-called "Nukige" more than "Moege".
2. I like big breast.
3. I like fornication stories too, though I like ravish stories.

In the light of above, I choose the following games as those I would like to play.

To avoid confusion, titles are in Japanese (Original).
The list includes both new and old games.
And, the order has no relation to priority of playing.

BRAVA!! (ブラーヴァ) (Sweetlight)
モンスター・ハザード (Trois)
甘やかしたりしないぞ! (Norn)
たっ~ぷりいじってあげる (Norn)
いっ~ぱい甘えてね♪ (Norn)
はらハラしちゃう!!~親にはナイショの子作り性活~ -甘原出雲編- (アトリエかぐや)
はらハラしちゃう! ~親にはナイショの子作り性活~ -朝霧姉妹編- (アトリエかぐや)
魔法少女沙枝でらっくす (ミルフィーユ/ぷちミルフィーユ)
ヴァルプルギス (KAI)
病院ソドム (Portion)
風紀委員長 片桐葉月!! (アトリエさくら)
人妻セレブ露出調教 (アトリエさくら)
淫猥催眠整体院 (Studio Triumph)
あいこみゅ!! -IDOL Communication- (ひよこソフト)
エロティ課 誘惑研修はじまるよ~ (アトリエかぐや)
わがままミルクDEしてあげる (アトリエかぐや)

Good night!! See you!!

テーマ : 18禁エロゲー
ジャンル : アダルト



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